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This is final touch added to a piece of furniture. We make all of our own shades allowing us to adjust the colors according to each piece of furniture.

Our factory has multiple rooms for staining and varnishing meaning we can work on several pieces at time.

All of the finishes, even the most complex ones like sable, superior shine or satin; are done exclusively in our workshop. As for metal, it is generally finished in black lacquer.

Personalization with Maison Chartier

Sandblasting : This technique consists of cleaning and smoothing a surface (wood or metal) using a special abrasive sand projected by pressurized air.

Matte : This opaque finish absorbs light giving a natural aspect to the furniture.

Satin : The satin finish catches the light giving a slight shine to the wood. Its resin dense composition means that it is more resistant than a matte paint.

Open-pore/ closed-pore : Exceptionally we are able to do an open-pore finish by applying a varnish. For a closed-pore one, we apply several layers of polyester, giving a smooth almost mirror like finish, followed by a final coat of varnish.

Superior Shine : This complex operation requires several layers of polyester followed by an extreme shine varnish, rendering a finish of exceptional quality.


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Maison Chartier
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